Takeover Strategic Game Online.

Take over is very popular game among all age groups but it is more favorite to boys. Basically in this game it is shown that Rivadis Empire ruled the whole continent for centuries. But after a long time this empire start demolishing. Takeover time has come so now you have to rescue your empire by saving your castle by enemies. In this game the player has to play the role of a commander and you try your level best to defeat lot of opponents. Game play is simple. In order to win this game you save your castle by building farms, some mines and houses that prevent the opponent troops to reach the castle. Battle against all opponents by destroying their defense system of fortresses and gain control of whole land.

The player acts as a commander. He commands other soldiers to form a troop and fight with enemies with very limited resources and other from other dangers with some tricks and strategies. Try to conquer all the enemy territory. When you play game you observe that some of the structures gold. Try to grasp this gold as you use them to hire some units that directs you along the battle filed like a map.You can do this by just dragging your curser. The amount of hiring units depends on the amount of territory you have. These all are under your command. All of your soldiers automatically attacks the opponents and encounter them. So you can help them out by dropping banners into your opponent territory that help you to stop them and give you time to save your castle. Destroy all your enemies and conquer all the territory will help you to win the game. Level up gradation also takes place when you earn some points likes bonuses and unit types.Lot of upgradation can help to build new unit buildings that helps you to find more gold. To play all the game you just have the skill to move your pointer as fast as u can. This will helps you a lot.

In my opinion the takeover game is so good. The game has its own vibrant style. Only difficulty arise when many of the crowded troops comes over you in a glance then you do not find any way to escape out so before your opponent destroys you destroy them. One can easily win this game by just focusing and moving mouse cursor. Play more mouse games at k2t2.com.